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Save driving: Progressive Saftey Steering, PSS-Steering for a save steering 

On the occasion of an intensive test with the PSS - steering, many people had the opportunity of experiencing this steering. We gave the vehicles to various drivers who are professionally involved with vehicles, driving dynamics and driving safety.

All of the drivers admitted to being positively surprised by the good feel of the steering, the short adaptation time and the driving fun. The drivers judgment of the PSS - steering ranged from "oh well" to "gigantic", "ingenious" and "super". None of the drivers felt insecure or overwhelmed in any driving situation.

At the Test & Training tcs Traffic Safety Centre, various target groups had the opportunity to test this steering to the full in all possible driving situations.

In accordance with the characteristics of progressive steering, the gain in safety and comfort is as expected highest at normal and low speeds, i.e. when driving normally.

Many drivers took the time to fill in a questionnaire. The evaluation of these drivers questionnaires is illustrated in the graphic.

On the skid pan (87% instead of the normal 60%), control of the vehicle was recovered by all drivers without difficulty.


Naturally the handling of a vehicle with PSS - steering becomes better, the slower the vehicle moves, because the full advantage of the progressively more direct steering is most apparent in this area.

The PSS - steering bridges the gap between limousine comfort on the motorway, agile sports steering on normal roads and the extreme manoeuvrability of a fork-lift truck, and that purely mechanically.

Quote: Although it is difficult to evaluate the traffic accident data appropriately, the reduction of Car accident and the reduction in the number of drivers seriously injured in road traffic accidents in the last few years is clearly also due to the introduction of ESP. This is proved by a large number of worldwide studies. ESP prevents the skidding of vehicles, and skidding is to a large extent responsible for accidents resulting in serious injuries and deaths. A study by Mercedes has shown that the number of accidents involving their cars has reduced by 15 % since being fitted with ESP as standard.

The PSS - steering prevents skidding even before the ESP has to intervene and enables the driver to control the vehicle better in the case of abrupt driving manoeuvres.

Less experienced drivers in particular can control the vehicle better, since the position of the steering wheel relative to the lock of the wheels is always known and the steering speed corresponds to that which is required.

pss line


Conversion costs are the industrys biggest argument against this steering system

Safety ist the biggest argument and not conversion cost.