With safe and simple PSS - steering, cranking the steering wheel is eliminated

With safe and simple PSS - steering, you are always in control of the vehicle, crossing the hands is eliminated


With safe and simple PSS - steering, you always know the steering angle, and thus the direction of the wheels and the vehicle, WITHOUT crossing your hands





The green area is the safe steering zone of the PSS - steering

The driving zone: from the centre with few steering movements, e.g. motorway. From normal main roads via roundabouts and towns to parking, more and more steering movements are required; with the PSS steering, only 1.5 steering wheel turns from lock to lock. This way, crossing of hands is eliminated and you always know where the wheels are.   


When driving fast, the steering is OK. Driving through curves on country roads is different; you have to turn the wheel much more and even cross your hands. Worst of all are roundabouts and multi-storey car parks. After crossing your hands several times, you no longer have any idea where the wheels are and are therefore endangered to loose control of the vehicle. 3 turns of the steering wheel are usual for a conventional steering system.




Drift with the PSS - steering



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