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Liability Disclaimer for Information

The contents of these web pages are only intended for general information purposes. Although all information is verified in terms of accuracy and completeness, it may still contain errors or rather inaccuracies in some cases. Therefore, Rhinova AG cannot be held liable for claims relating to damage of material or immaterial nature arising as a result of the accuracy, correctness, completeness, and topicality e.g. use or non-use of incorrect or incomplete information provided via the Internet offer of its web pages.

Moreover, Rhinova AG excludes any liability claims relating to the services offered, such as downloads of the files made available on the Internet pages of Rhinova AG.

The liability disclaimer cannot be applied to all cases where Rhinova AG or its agents have to stand in for allegations of intention or gross negligence. In addition, the liability disclaimer of Rhinova AG is not valid in the case of obligation infringements i.e. fulfillment of said obligations is the very prerequisite for the proper implementation of the contract, and the visitor is entitled to trust that adherence to said obligations is performed (cardinal obligations/duties); however, in the case of minor negligence claims will be restricted in terms of the payable amount, based on foreseeable contractual damage at the point of time of contract conclusion. The liability disclaimer does not apply in the case of damage to persons, liability within the context of the Product Liability Act, liability for lack of contractually agreed warranties, and for malice.

Rhinova AG expressly reserves the right to change, supplement, delete parts of the pages offered or even the entire offer without dispatching an associated notification; the same applies to the temporary or final discontinuation of publications/postings.


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